Improve your campaign results!

  • Audience engagement

    Personalize variables such as texts, pictures, animations, colors and even interactions. The combinations are endless!

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  • Reach customers efficiently

    Deliver your message to any platform with our unique adaptive animation code.

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  • Assess, refine and relaunch

    Improve your results, customizing variables quickly and simply.

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  • Increase campaign effectiveness

    Happier audience :)

A few steps and you are set to go!

  • 1 Input data

    Import your audience data (attributes, interests, etc) from any structured data warehouse, ranging from a simple spreadsheet to an AI/machine learning data capture system. We create one master animation with multiple variables, optimized for your unique dataset.

  • 2 Integrate variables

    We plug the input data into different variables for the text, color, pictures and characters that appear in the video.

  • 3 Output data

    We deliver a CSV that contains a personalized video URL for each target audience user, ready to be loaded into any marketing platform (Mailchimp, Pardot, SFDC, Intercom, Facebook, or Twitter).

  • 4 Campaign Analysis

    Measure your campaign's audience engagement in real time with tools like Google Analytics.

Unlimited Campaign Refinement

After analyzing your engagement results, you can refine your campaign and relaunch it as many times as you want, for FREE.

  • Traditional campaigns

    Step up your traditional campaigns

    Bodymovin Solutions creates a video with the ideas and concepts you define for your campaign, totally customizable per audience target.

  • Increase brand awareness

    Increase brand awareness

    A 30-second video has a 75% rate of audience watch completion, delivering your message to many more users than traditional text-based campaigns.

The Magic of BMS

  • Our proprietary plugin (Bodymovin) exports high-quality animations created in After Effects directly to HTML, seamlessly adapting to any screen resolution without quality loss.


Simulate and quote your next BMS campaign to start engaging your audience today! Types of variables that can be added to your personalized videos:

  • Characters or scenes
  • Texts
  • Colors
  • Images
  • GIFs

Send your preferences and let's build your next BMS campaign together!

The cost to include a variable is a one-time fee (we do NOT charge per impression) and varies with variable complexity.
Select the number of variables you need for your campaign below.
BMS Campaign Generator
30" Core video (includes design and script definition)
Character variables
Text variables
Color variables
Image variables
E-mails design and coding

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